311 Buttonwoods Avenue, Warwick RI 02886
Preschool and Kindergarten



Our daily schedule and classroom environment is designed to encourage children to explore and experiment, while they play and participate within an environment with defined boundaries and responsibilities. It is our goal to foster the development of young children by offering a variety of activities for them to enjoy playfully. We strongly believe that young children learn best through play and discovery, and that each child approaches learning in unique ways. Our program encourages positive interactions, habits, and respect for self and others. Children are given daily opportunities to build social and emotions skills, to develop cognitively and physically, and to express themselves with creativity, moral obligation and respect.



Buttonwoods School is committed to the education of the "whole child". Our curriculum has been developed to give children opportunities to build skills in all learning dimensions including language, literacy, math, science, creative arts and expression, physical competency, social interaction, emotional understanding and control, and moral and spiritual development. Children will participate in a variety of activities each day which support learning at their individual levels of development. Remembering the important role of play and discovery in learning, our students learn and build personal skills in a comfortable and enjoyable way. Detailed curriculum information is available upon request.